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We expect excellent results and use the highest quality dyes but it is important to keep in mind that not all items are suitable for our dye process and we might need to refuse a project...


When a garment or fabric is received, we will inspect it.  We will do our very best to advise you of our expected results and if we feel that it will not dye well or will be damaged during the process, we will advise you of our concerns and/or suggestions prior to processing.


Not all results can be predicted - age, condition and fibre content can influence results

 - fibres may not allow dye to adhere and/or penetrate due to prior dyeing and/or finishing procedures

 - stains and/or spots treated by customer or cleaner prior to dyeing may produce inconsistent results

 - thread, zipper fabric or trim used in garment may not accept dye

 - buttons will not dye unless fabric covered with same fabric as garment


Please know that fabric content on label is usually accurate but not always


Depending on garment, shrinkage may be half a size or more

We can dye:


      rayon *

      viscose *






We cannot guarantee the effect for:

      polyester or polyester blends

      wool / cashmere

      rayon / viscose *

      modal *


We cannot dye:

      acrylic / acetate




* rayon / viscose / modal ... particularly in a knit ... is funny.  

It takes the dye in unpredictable ways


faded & stained

after...wow! black again

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