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I love my clothes and I love the fabric that makes clothes and I adore the colour BLACK!   I know that you do too...


DYE IT BLACK was created for you, to make your clothes look their very best and to support your love of the colour black. Ever get dressed in the morning only to discover that the pants, or skirt, or shirt that you thought were black are really very grey and faded or bought something that you KNOW you would wear more if it were black?  Frustrating...I feel it too. That's why there's DYE IT BLACK.  There's no reason to throw them out, help save some landfill space and re-dye them black!


Check out what customers like you have to say HERE and if you want to learn more about your clothes and their care...SIGN UP




If you have a project to dye, please include a brief description of the item and the contents (eg. formerly black shirt 100% cotton ) and any other details you think might be important.

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